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Hopepunk Vs. Grimdark

Of course, I'm not here to debate which is better, because that's like comparing apples to oranges. But the main idea I want to share with you is that both genres are on the same spectrum of speculative fiction, and which you prefer is more about your personality than the writing style. Glass half full? Hopepunk. Glass half empty? Grimdark. Hopeful people can certainly enjoy a grimdark story, and the most stoic grimdark fan harbors some secret hope for humanity, but overall the types fit. Which are you? Do you like solarpunk or afro futurism or cyberpunk? And does it fit your overall personality? It seems like the only thing humans agree upon is that progress is blindingly fast, and that sometime soon humanity is either going to fix most of its problems or destroy itself. I personally tend to be more pessimistic about our chances, but hopeful in my writing. It feels like sci fi splintered into so many subgenres in the last few decades because we all see a different outcome for humanity. While we all see the need or the inevitability of vast change, no one agrees on what action is required. My writing is meant to give readers hope for the future, but while keeping true to science and the likely coming disasters. So let's keep reading and writing and living the best we can, because we all matter, and our actions are what's going to save us all.

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