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How To Survive The Twilight Zone Of Stay Home Fatherhood

My book on how to get your life under control as a stay home dad is available at the following link:

Be sure to get it ABSOLUTELY FREE during my upcoming promotion on May 3rd-6th!

Save $1,000's in day care costs by becoming a stay at home or work at home father! Let an expert dad convince you to make the switch in this hilarious short read.

Parenting is hard, but becoming a stay home father? That can feel as if you've just entered the Twilight Zone!

Why is this book right for you?

Simple. Most parenting books ask you to study a 300 page manual full of sunshine and roses. Don't waste your time! New parents don't want step by step instructions (this stuff isn't rocket science). What dads like you need is a tough as nails soldier who has seen the horrors of the parenting trenches firsthand. You need someone to slap you hard in the face and get you back onto the battlefield ready for war.

In short, this book has everything you need to hear, but none of the empty page fillers found in most parenting books.

The author David Colello is a grizzled veteran who you want by your side. He has been a stay home dad for six years and counting with two young boys of his own. If that isn't enough experience for you, he also watches three more children full time ranging from an infant to a teenager. David doesn't pull any punches in this quick read, and gives solid advice to dads transitioning to the role of primary caregiver.

“I want you to dominate parenthood so completely that you stop defining yourself as ‘just’ a stay home dad, and start seeing yourself as a rock star human being who also just so happens to parent like a boss.”

Main Areas Of Focus

●Why Do You Stay Home? ●Your Plan For Going Back ●Get Yourself Organized ●Make Some Money ●Make Some Memories

The main topics you'll learn in this book are how to take charge as a parent, make winning plans, and learn to more fully enjoy your family and your home.

We go by many ridiculous names: Mr. Mom, Stay At Home Dad (SAHD), manny, house husband, domestic engineer, work at home dad, housedude, and full time father. All that these names prove is that most of society still has no clue how to describe your new job.

Just be yourself, and know that “dad” is the most important name you'll ever be called.

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