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Trillion Dollar Sky

Mission Cerex: Book 1

Staggering treasure? Global domination? All biologist Pia Lamotte wants is a strong espresso and a tent under the stars, but destiny is launching her across the solar system. Pia is a stunning woman, whose genius is sought after by the handful of Multinational corporations left fighting for control over the ravaged Earth of 2056. She may despise these Multinats, but her research depends on their funding. As rampant starvation and environmental destruction sweep across the planet, war seems inevitable both on Earth and in the Lunar colonies. Natocorps has a daring plan for how to become the sole surviving Globalcorps, but it will require Pia's help and a trip to the dwarf planet Ceres. As the largest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres promises untold riches for the first to colonize it. However, what they discover there is more mysterious than anything they can imagine. Thrills, danger, love, wonder, humor, and intrigue will be found every step of the way. It's 30% hard science fiction, 30% dystopian, 30% space opera, 10% love story, and 100% addictive! Fans of The Expanse, Firefly, Asimov, or Arthur C. Clarke's Rama series will feel right at home. So what are you waiting for? Jump into the exciting world of Mission Cerex!

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