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Super Annoying

Flash Fiction From The Dark Side

Everything around him began telescoping away from him, while his feet sank into the marble flooring an inch at a time. Colin could hear garbled talking come up from behind him and pause at his side before speeding away. He felt a twitch in his right hand, but by the time his head tilted downward to check, his revolver had vanished.

“No, damn it, this isn't fair.” Even his thoughts came through slowly. He had heard from his contact at the loading dock about this happening to someone earlier this year. But it was too impossible to believe!

His eyes rolled a gruellingly long roll which gave him time to admire the mini chandeliers in front of each teller's window. When his eyes returned to level, the duffle bags were gone from the counter.

Where's the honor in being caught by someone who you never even see? The last thought Colin managed to squeak out before being knocked unconscious and left leaning against a nearby police cruiser was a simple one.

“I hate superheroes.”

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